How To Embrace The Beach Season

The beach is a healing place for me.  I love it there. The hot sun, the cool waves, laughter from friends and family and a cold beverage.

It’s this time of year I get enthusiastic clients wanting to prepare for the beach by getting into shape. We all want to feel comfortable and relaxed, and show off our prettiest sundresses and bathing suits.

Many of us dread this time of year as we have procrastinated all winter and we aren’t prepared. It seems to creep up on many of us despite the fact that it arrives at the same time every year.

The big holidays are over, the winter blahs and casual lifestyle have all resulted in a realization that it is time for a change.  The good news, you can still make it to the beach and feel comfortable.

Here is an exercise that can help tighten and tone your booty.

Diet is a major contributor to weight loss, but at The Pink Physique we help you use diet, weight training and cardio exercises to their fullest potential.  I am Alli Kerr and I am a Women’s Fitness Expert.  I have spent YEARS training women and helping them meet their goals.

With the right amount of exercises, diet, and coaching we can meet your goals together.

Diet: Everyone has a new fad diet. Keto, a few shakes a day and south beach are the most modern. Some of these practices can actually hinder your progress. We start with a diary of what you eat now.  Then we figure out what the best plan is to keep your body and mind fed.

Weight Training: Women are so scared they are going to look like “Arnold” by lifting a 20lb weight.  It simply doesn’t happen that way.  I have a history of body building and I can tell you it takes WAY more than a few weight exercises to get bulky.  I work with you to find the proper weight to repeitions for your exercies level. Weight training will help get you tone and tight. Burning calories while giving you the definition and shoulders you have been looking for.

Cardio: Did you know that if you do your cadio exercises after doing a weight training it amplifies the results? Whether it is hitting the treadmill, jumping rope or riding bikes, there are so many ways to stretch your exercise investment and make it more beneficial to your goals.

These three strategies seem simple, but the key to staying on track is proper encouragement and coaching. At The Pink Physique, we are a women’s only gym. For women, by women. We can help you plan, execute and celebrate.

Results don’t happen overnight, but with the proper plan and strategy, we can help you embrace the beach.

–Alli Kerr

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