Making Youself a Priority

What an amazing time of year. The sun awakens the beautiful flowers, and the days get longer. Soon enough your kids may be out of school, and you will be in full on “mom” mode. Then you will have MORE excuses not to take care of yourself.  For years I have seen the demands of families and careers fill up my client’s lives to the point where they stop taking care of themselves. If not now, then when?

The biggest way to succeed at losing weight, getting toned and tight is discipline and accountability. I could write a book of all of the excuses I have heard from my clients. Together, we fought to keep each other accountable, and now I have so many ladies that make time for the exercise routines our staff helps them with, and to be accountable. With their discipline and accountability, they get results.

You don’t have start out running 10 miles in order to whip yourself into shape. Life is a marathon. You pace yourself, then elevate to the next level. Many people do the same exercises in the same pattern and expect miraculous results. You have to challenge it to change it.

With so many excuses that are easy to make, how can the benefit of being a better you get so lost in all the silliness of life?  Make dinner early, let dad watch the kiddos for awhile or eat a supermarket salad for dinner and use that time to start taking care of yourself.

The Pink Physique is here to help! We are a woman’s only gym. So, no gawking, snickering and awkward winks. Just people like you who are changing their lives one step and one day at a time.

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