How to Get Yourself Motivated To Get Fit

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Sometimes you have to motivate yourself to get started. For some of us, getting to the gym is half of the battle. Getting up before the sun rises to visit with my local treadmill or lift heavy weights is a daunting thought. The fact is if you want to get healthier, leaner, fitter and just feel better all the way around you have to take that step no matter how difficult it may be.

Here are a few tips to help you get motivated for that daily workout.

1. Surround yourself with motivation.
I place motivational phrases or pictures around my house, in my car and at my desk at work. I also have my goal weight in those key areas so that I will have a constant reminder of what that number is.

2. Try group fitness.
Working out with a group of people motivates me to get up and out to the gym. I look forward to seeing the familiar faces and it is those people who make me feel accountable. I never want to be the person who quits in the middle of the class. That pushes me to do more that I would if I were working out on my own. A community of like-minded folks with similar goals is a great motivator.

3. Put on your workout clothes.
Once I have put my workout clothes on I might as well get moving towards the goal. I wouldn’t be very happy with myself if I had to change out of my non-sweaty clothes to get ready for the rest of my day. Also, it’s more intimidating to eat a pint of ice cream in stretchy pants.

4. Consider it “you” time.
It took me years to figure out that if I’m not happy no one else around me is either. Taking time out to myself gives me a chance to recharge my batteries and puts my mind in a place that is ready to take on the tasks of the day. What a better way to take time for myself than working out, making my body and mind healthier and stronger.

5. Track your successes.
Keeping track of my progress is a great way to keep me motivated. I make sure to take pictures along the way because sometimes the changes can be subtle. Being able to visually see where I started helps me remember why I am putting all of the work into it. Whether you focus on pounds or inches or simply the way you fit in your clothes, being able to see the hard work is paying off is a great motivation.

These are only some suggestions. You may find some things work better for you than others. Whatever you find, use it to your advantage! Get up and get moving. Make it fun! Enjoy the results!

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