I Have No Self Esteem!

It’s time to do something a bit different now, and have a discussion about a part of the weight loss journey that we simply don’t speak that much about — confidence, and exactly what that looks like for most people.

Confidence is a bit of a tricky animal in that it’s something that many people use as a way or reason to do or not do something, especially when it comes to their weight loss journeys.

It’s the thing we all desperately seek, and are convinced comes with a specific size – bra size, jean size, shirt size, ring size, shoe size, etc. It’s all somehow relative. Everything is a Golden Ratio we seek. So, in search of this confidence, we use it as a reason to not do things that would greatly benefit our weight loss journey — loving ourselves, caring, self-care, and going to a gym, exercising, trying new things, and being honest with ourselves about where we are and what we need to do. We want the confidence to wear that outfit, to show up someone, to walk amongst our day feeling like the best version of ourselves we can possibly be — but we are afraid to put in the work to accomplish this goal, to eat clean food, to work out, etc. because we lack the confidence to do so amongst our peers due to not having a body we would like.

Check out the video here to see us discussing what confidence means, and how you can change your life just by adjusting the way you see yourself (and others). The fact it doesn’t happen over night, either.



If you have any questions for Pia about her journey, or would like any articles or books for reading about fixing your confidence, you can respond here, or at contact@14dayperfectbooty.com!


Happy lifting,


Confidence Call:
You can’t beat a person who never gives up.

Babe Ruth

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