Strength Training – Dumbell Workout


To get toned and tight, you need to do resistance training in addition to cardio.

Unfortunately, only 20% of Americans strength train mainly because we just don’t know what to do.

It is important to note that for best results strength training should be done after you have eaten a small meal and before you do your cardio. This will give you the best possible formula for the most effective workout.

Below is a list of reasons we should involve weight training in our exercise routines. A minimum of two days of strength training a week will ensure that you see these benefits in yourself.

  1. Balance: Some of weightlifting’s benefit in protecting against osteoporosis may be improved strength and balance, resulting in fewer falls.
  2. Mental well-being: Strength training has been linked to reduced anxiety and depression symptoms as well as improved self-esteem.
  3. Combat bone loss: One of the best ways you can control bone loss as you age is to add strength training into your workout plan.
  4. Decreases blood pressure and other metabolic conditions: A resistance training routine has been shown to lower blood pressure, in some cases as effectively as taking medication. The American Heart Association recommends adults aim for at least two strength training sessions a week.
  5. Increased fat burning: Simply having more muscle on your frame helps your body burn up extra calories — even when you’re sitting completely still.

How do we do resistance training?
Use a weight that is challenging——“You’ve got to challenge it to change it.”
Increase weight as training progresses. Make sure you are working with weights that can stress your muscles when you do your exercise.

“Want to get things toned and tight, you’ve got it right.”
Good form, good posture, the proper amount of resistance and for the proper amount of repetitions is essential. You should be stressing your muscle to the point of failure at the end of 8 to 15 repetitions, the last ones should be tough. This means you are stressing that muscle properly. Move on to the next exercise, then come back to workout the same area in the next set of exercises. The next time you do that exercise, you may not make it to the same number of repetitions. Do it until your muscles are stressed.

Weight vs Reps
Doesn’t matter as long as you take your muscles almost to failure. Make sure you choose a weight you can control, but one that can get the muscle almost to the point of failure. This weight will increase as you get stronger week to week.

6 exercises using dumbells:

Bicep Curls: Keep your shoulders and elbows against the wall. The wall helps you with your posture.

Deadlift: Use more weight for deadlifts, you are using more muscles to lift the weight. Using more weight will help you get to the point of muscle failure in a reasonable number of reps.

Squat: Dumbbells on shoulders, standing a couple of inches in front of a chair and then sit until the back of your legs hit the chair and then stand back up; repeat.

Shoulder Press: Press the dumbbells over your head. This is working on your balance and stamina.

Torso Twist: Hold dumbell at chest level and twist from side to side. Stretching those back muscles will help posture.

Pushups: Using your own weight to train is an excellent way to get your muscles working. There are many variations that you can do.

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