EmpowHer!!! Wonder Woman Style!


“In a world of ordinary mortals, you are a wonder woman!”

Wonder Woman is an inspiring movie. The character lead, who is talented and beautiful, is compelled to make a difference in her world. One of my favorite scenes is when Wonder Woman’s aunt is pushing her to her limits in training (even wonder woman needed a coach and trainer). She says, “You are stronger than you believe. You have greater powers than you know.” These are the same words of great motivation I want to share with you. In turn, I want you to share them with your friends and family.

I often hear from ladies, reasons for not pushing themselves harder. They don’t have enough time, they have a family who needs them, work keeps them from being motivated. All easy answers to avoid a tough change. “Maybe I will have time later in life when (fill in the blank) changes.” We often don’t give ourselves credit for all the strength and power that we have. YOU have greater powers than you know!

To keep on with the Wonder Woman theme, your strength and power can pull you through your fitness life. I have seen many times, where changing a person’s lifestyle immediately increases their energy, motivation and ability to cope.

In the movie, there is a decision point. Diana (Wonder Woman) has the opportunity to sit back and enjoy life a bit. The world she lives in is easy. Then a moment changes her picturesque lifestyle. It is at that moment she has to make a decision to act. She has to decide to do something or do nothing. Her moment of action kicks off a chain of events that makes her a more powerful person. Apply this to our own lives, “We can do something or we can do nothing.” Is the place you are in today what you want for tomorrow, next month, next year? Are your actions getting you where you want to be? TODAY is the day to change your course and Get Started! rather than doing nothing.

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Wonder woman states that “She is the (wo)man that can win the war.” She is that woman, and so are you. You have the power to change you.

Last quote: “Only love can truly save the world.” Love yourself and your body and make a change that affects your world.

Be a stronger, more powerful you!


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