No Excuse Workout with Minimal Equipment – Alli Kerr

We hear it all the time from our friends.  I can’t find the time to workout.  I don’t have the money it takes to join the gym.  I don’t have all of the equipment at home in order to get a good workout.  As a trainer, I hear those excuses every day and I’m happy to say that you can find the time to fit in a good workout without always going to a gym and you can do it with minimal equipment.   As Hurricane Irma approached this past weekend, I decided to put together a workout that uses everyday items around your house to get you sweating and can pack a powerful punch of its own.

The advantages of doing this type of minimalist workout are numerous but in the case of this past weekend, it was out of necessity.  With a hurricane on our heels, most of us erred on the side of safety and didn’t make the trip across town to our favorite gym, The Pink Physique.  What I decided to do instead and what you can do the next time you are short on time and can’t make it to the gym is a series of body weight movements or exercises that required a dumbbell (or some cans of veggies will do if you are in a pinch)!  The result was a workout that left me and the brave souls that dared to try it breathless and feeling like we had just spent time with our trainers.  The best thing about this workout is that I share modifications so everyone from beginners to advanced can all get a great workout in.


So, whether you are barricaded in your house due to inclement weather, or not sure how to get started, my latest workout will help.  We can weather your storm together.  Stock-up on canned goods, stretch and get moving.

Alli Kerr
Women’s Fitness Expert

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