How to Get Faster Results from Working Out


Faster Results from my workout?  Count me in!  I’m in the front row of this seminar.

We all want to see changes quickly when we work out.  I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one that will stand in front of a mirror to admire my bicep or how nice my shoulders look after a really tough workout.

This week we are talking about ways to get faster results from our workout.  Here are 5 tips to get you started.

1- Working out!!   Just having a gym membership or just watching my facebook live isn’t going to help you get the results you want.  You have to actually work out. Challenge yourself, don’t just go through the motions.  At the Pink Physique we like to say, You have to  challenge it to change it.  Put in Max efforts.   Use a weight that is appropriate.  You are not going to bulk up.

A- Track your workouts, what you did, how many reps and how many sets,                            what exercises out… Write out your workouts before going to the gym.                                Doing this will ensure that you have a great workout.

B- Be consistent.   Schedule your workouts. Have a back up plan just in case                           something happens and you  can’t get to the gym.  Be committed over                                 time.  Life is unpredictable!  One thing I find helpful is trying to schedule                           your  life around your workouts as much as possible.

3- Fuel your workouts for success and faster results.

Fuels that help: Water helps you feel less bloated and wash out the toxins in                     your body. Get enough lean protein to be toned and tight. Eating lean meats,                     beans and protein powders are great ways to make sure you are getting the                       protein you need.

Fuels that sabotage:  We have the tendency to double or triple carbs or fats in a meal.   Eating less of these carbs and fats will result is faster results 4 times faster!

4- Rest, recovery, redirection.

Its important to let your body rest so that it can recover.  One way to do that is                 to work different parts of your body over a course of the week.   Listen to your                 body.  If you feel an achy joints, it may be your body telling you its time to slow               down.  Continuing working a joint that is irritated is only going to make it                         worse.

5-  Hire a coach or get in a program.

You can see results 10 times faster when you have a coach or are in a program.  At The Pink Physique we have a saying, if you want to get it tight, you’ve got to do it right!   Having someone by your side so that you can stay on track, hold you accountable, provide you with a game plan and add structure to your workouts.

There it is.  Five tips to getting faster results during your workout.  If you are ready to start putting those tips into action, you can come by The Pink Physique at 6255 Zebulon Rd, Macon, GA 3121o.   We look forward to meeting with you soon!


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