Scared To Go To The Gym? Here’s Help :)

Entering a gym for the first time can be intimidating.  For some of us, going to a gym may actually scare us or make us feel overwhelmed?  Are you one of those people?



Does the voice in your head tell you that you can’t go to a gym?
Are you fearful of going to the gym?
Do you feel too out of shape?
Do you think you are too fat?
Do you feel too old?
Do your joints ache too much?
Do you think that the people in the gym are too fit?
Do you think too many people will stare at you while you are at the gym?

I’m excited to be sharing with you encouraging words and strategies that will help you overcome some of your fears.  You CAN go inside a gym!  I invite you to try out The Pink Physique if you are in the middle Georgia area.   If not I invite you to try out gyms that are in your area.

We want to know!

Let us know what you think and how the video has helped you!  Comment below and share with your friends.

Excited to see you soon,





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Ernistine Shepheard

Join us at Pink Physiques – Women’s Health & Fitness   This facebook group is a place for Middle Georgia gals to get questioned answered about health & fitness, get new workouts, and get support from like minded women. It is just for gals and I will be ensuring that those that request to join have a legit page to ensure we have a safe page to share openly.

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