Overcoming Setbacks to Exercise

It is unlikely that you have never experienced a setback when it comes to exercise.  Even I have setbacks.  This week for instance, I have had a head cold and have missed a few workouts. I just haven’t felt like working out.

I want to touch base on what some of the common setbacks are and share with you a few strategies to overcome the setbacks that you experience.

Common Setbacks:

1) Some kind of injury

2) Illness

3) Any life change

4) Anxiety/depression

5) Time and lack of motivation

5 Strategies to Overcome the Setbacks that We Face:

1) Changing our mindset
2) Regroup and make a new plan
3) Refocus
4) Use your obstacle to help someone
5) Make that setback a comeback

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Best luck to you!



Groups that you may find helpful:

Pink Physiques – Women’s Health & Fitness: This group is a place for Middle Georgia gals to get questioned answered about health & fitness, get new workouts, and get support from like-minded women. It is just for gals and I will be ensuring that those that request to join have a legit page to ensure we have a safe page to share openly. Let the fun begin! Feel free to invite your girlfriends that you feel will be interested.  You don’t have to be a member of the gym in order to participate in the group.

Club Pink – For Pink Physique Clients: Are you one of our clients?  This is a private group just for you!



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