How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight.

We can’t sit around and wait for motivation to make us successful. Instead, it is a success that motivates us.

I often hear people say:

  • She is more motivated than I am.
  • You just enjoy exercise more than I do.
  • I’ve lost my motivation.
  • I’ve gotten off track and can’t get motivated again.

The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that motivation is what leads us to success.

Stop Waiting!


Here are some successful strategies to get you started.

  • Use the right tools
  • You have to have a plan
  • Education and guidance
  • Execute
  • Accountability

Here are some questions to think about.

  • How much are you investing in your own health and fitness?
  • What are things you are investing in that is negatively impacting your health and fitness?

Bottom line:  Be like Nike and “just do it”. Once you start, with or without motivation, you will begin seeing all kinds of results and that will fuel your motivation to continue.

My wish for you is that you just get started and have lots of success!

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