4 Fitness Products that Make Workouts Easier

Working out should be fun and simple.  Even more important it should be safe.  With the right toys and tools you can ensure your workouts are safe, fun, and simple.  Here are 4 of my favorite fitness products.


1.  The Squat Sponge – If you are doing squatting as part of your workout routine you need good cushioned support on the bar.  You should place the bar on the back of the shoulders and not the neck.  My favorite bar pad for squatting is the Squat Sponge.  I like it because it provides more cushion and support than the traditional bar pads that I have used.  I also like the notch cut out to make it fit more comfortably on the back of the shoulder.  And just recently they came out with one in Pink which makes me like it even more!  It is available on Amazon or Ebay and comes in red, blue, black, and PINK.



2. The Flip Belt – Here is a product that I first saw at a fitness conference in Los Angeles about 3 years ago.  I knew immediately that it would be a hit and that I had to have one.  It is a circular band that you step into and slide it up to your waist.   It fits very securely around your waist.  I love to listen to music on my phone while I workout.  The Flip Belt is perfect for holding my phone while I workout.  In my experience most phones fit in the Flip Belt because it is made of a stretchy fabric that adjusts to the size of the phone.  It comes in bright fun colors or black.  The sizes range from XS – XL.  You can put keys, credit cards, gum, etc. securely while you are on the go.  I used it recently while on vacation when I went out shopping and did not need to carry a purse.  It held everything I needed out of site and my hands were free with no purse pulling on my shoulder and neck.  It has 4 slots going around that you slide your things into so it holds a good bit.  You can also hide it easily under your shirt so that you cannot see it or you can add a pop of color to your workout pants by letting it peak out.

Here is a little demo video I made on the Flip Belt:

Here is their website:  https://flipbelt.com

If you live in the Middle Georgia area you can come and check them out at my fitness studio The Pink Physique.


3. Bani Bands – Who wants their hair in their face when trying to get in a good workout.  I have long hair and it can be aggravating when I get down on the floor to do a push-up and my flyaways are falling into my eyes and mouth.  It makes focusing on my workout very challenging.  To keep those flyaways at bay I love the Bani Band headbands.  They come in super cute patterns so I can be fashionable while working out (they even have some with sequins for a little bling).  I really like the fact that they are adjustable because I have a small head.  Many bands are too big for my head but these adjust to fit.  The thin and medium width bands also have a felt lining that keeps them from slipping.  Check them out: Bani Bands



4. Wrist Wrap Gloves –  These are the gloves that I use when I am doing pushing exercises (push-ups & presses).  Because they have a built in wrist wrap they keep the wrist from bending back too far when pressing.  With less wrist bend you will decrease your chances of experiencing wrist pain or wrist strain.  Because most of us spend so much time on computers and phones, our wrists are overworked and our muscles are out of balance in our hands and lower arms.  This by itself can lead to wrist problems.  By having a little support and by limiting the range of motion of the wrist during press exercises I am able to focus on my workout and not wrist pain or strain.

There you have it – 4 of my favorite fitness tools on the market.  Because I love them so much and want other ladies to have easy access to these, I have most of these in the pro shop at my studio in The Pink Physique in Macon, Georgia.

The gloves can also be found at many sporting goods stores or online Wrist Wrap Gloves.

The squat sponge is available on Ebay at: squat sponge Ebay.

Wishing you fun and safe workouts!  I would love to hear your questions and comments below.

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