CORE & MORE: Workout to Zap the Trouble Spots

Today I am all about a quick, simple, and get it done workout!  If I can accomplish that and work my core even better.  This workout hits the core & more.  And we are going to have a BALL doing it.

I know that most of us have purchased one of those big resistance exercise balls at some point.  I want you to go dig it out, dust it off, bounce it around and let’s put it to good use.

I have 4 exercises for you to do on the big bouncy ball that will give you BIG results!  Are you ready to roll?


1) Squat to Lat Raise: This one works the shoulders and legs all in one exercise.  Yep the heart will be pumping and a little sweat may start dripping.  Form Tip:  Keep that belly tall and your shoulders back throughout the entire movement.

2) Ab Rollout:  Ouch 🙂  In a good way of course!  No joke this one is tough.  I do give you an easier option in the video.  Don’t be afraid to drop down to that option at first.  If you roll off the ball, no worries.  It happens to the best of us.  That is part of the challenge and fun!  This one does take some practice.  Once you get it you have one tight core!  Practice makes TIGHTER!

3) Ball Hyperextension:  That silly ball looks easy but it takes balance.  That means you are using lots of different muscles.  You are getting those muscles toned by using them and burning more calories by using more muscles.  The butt is going to be key to keeping you on the ball and off the floor on this one. Go ahead and squeeze it tight, get your balance, and then lift your upper body to hit the lower back.  The entire backside of the body gets worked in this exercise.

4) Ham Roll:  Not the kind you eat.  Although that would not be a bad protein and carb snack to go along with this workout.  This ham roll will get your hamstrings (back of the legs) burning.  As ladies we want to look good coming and going.  The hamstrings are connected to the booty.  They are important for keeping the backside lifted.  Need I say more?

Oopsy! Yes I made an oopsy in this video.  I left off the second set of the ham roll exercise.  I just skipped it altogether.  Maybe I snuck off the set to make a real Ham Roll!  Make sure you get both sets in and then make yourself a lean ham roll with a little mustard for a lean post workout meal.

Until Next Time!

P.S. Before you go post a comment below.  If you have a great lean ham roll recipe share that too!


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