Your Flat Belly Solution – Workout

I know just a few ladies that want to flatten their tummies. In fact that is the one area of the body that ladies mention most when I ask what they want to work on.

Why are our tummies so out of control. We can’t hide the tummy. When we try to hide it we end up looking bigger and frumpier. When we wear tighter fitting clothes we struggle with rolls showing through our clothes.

Besides looking big and pouchy, it is uncomfortable to have a big belly. Some of us have been mistaken for being pregnant when we are not. How embarrassing!!!

The secret to a flat belly in not doing more sit-ups or crunches. Trust me we have all tried that one.

We may actually be causing the belly to look bigger doing these. Most ladies do not realize that working the back of the body does more to shrink the belly than working the front side.

I put together a short 4 minute workout that you can do ANYWHERE! It works the muscles that make the belly smaller and taller.


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  1. I enjoyed a couple of your 4 minute workouts. Do you have a workout for bone health?

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