Exercises When You Have Health Problems

Hey Y’all!

Happy New Years Eve!

2017! I can’t believe it! It’s been such a stretch.

I’ve gotten a lot of requests from the Perfect Booty Family about exercises for people who may not have the ability to perform all of the exercises in the same way I do in my videos, so I’ve got a video here that helps to address that! If you need more help, or have more questions, please write me at contact@14dayperfectbooty.com, and I will be able to answer your individual concerns!

I did an interview with Rick from ExercisesForInjuries! It’s all about helping people who have physical or medical issues that prevent them from exercising the way many people do can benefit from a few tweaks!

Let’s all start off the New Year with some good fitness!
Happy lifting!


Confidence Call:
There is no point at which you can say, ‘Well, I’m successful now. I might as well take a nap.’
Carrie Fisher (Rest in Peace)

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2 Comments on "Exercises When You Have Health Problems"

  1. how do you fight genetics? flat butt, fat accumulates in belly and hips. i can exercise or lose weight but these parts don’t get lean or toned no matter what i do. i get smaller, but these parts don’t get “defined”. its frustrating. i guess i am asking how to transform my shape? plus i am dealing with menapause so i have muscle fatigue. my legs don’t want to cooperate and most of the booty exercises involve the legs. my legs are fine. it’s the butt, hips, belly thats problem.

    • Great question Karyn! Those pesky genetics affect us all and then throw in menopause and we can feel like we are fighting an impossible battle. The good news is that with some exercise and diet tweaks you absolutely can win the battle. Strengthening/Resistance Training exercises are the best way to fight muscle loss and METABOLISM LOSS (which affects belly fat). It has to be consistent and I would say 3 days/week of resistance training since you are fighting muscle loss. If you are not seeing the definition you want that could be the need for more strength training combined with getting enough lean protein in your diet. As we get to menopause we definitely need more lean protein as women to stay defined and strong 🙂 Great job working on getting YOUR body to the BEST EVER!!! Keep it going.

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