What a beautiful 4th of July (with a bit of rain).
Summer vacations can be the hardest to recover from.  Sometimes we party a little too hard and neglect our fitness.  I have come up with a few ways that you can still have a good time and keep your good routines.  I want to help you be FREE from extra pounds and guilt.
Get in a quick workout!  Take a few minutes to get your heart pumping.  I certainly understand that no-one wants to put in their full routine workout on their days off.  But it doesn’t have to be all or none. Take the long way back to the bar from the dock or park a little further away and walk into the festivities or swim some extra laps in the pool.  Don’t strive to break any personal records  just do a bit of something to get your heart going for a few minutes.  I have a few ideas in my cooler workout.

Pace yourself!  Don’t sacrifice the things you like;  just don’t eat all the junk that isn’t worth it.  Look for lean protein when possible (fish, chicken).  My best advice is to get a smaller plate and go back for the things you want more of.  We can always make the excuse to indulge but if you make it rare and appropriate then get every last ounce of goodness you can from smaller portions.  Be careful of sugary drinks.  Often we indulge in adult beverages that are loaded with calories.  A simple option is vodka with some non-calorie club soda and add fresh fruit.  This way you are not adding the empty calories that would be better spent in another spoon of mom’s chicken salad.

Finally, prepare in advance.  Pre-plan to have a good time.  Eat a lean breakfast that is filling so that your are saving your calories to indulge.  Drink water so that you are well hydrated.  Water will make you less hungry and is needed in the heat.


Some excellent examples of a lean breakfast are:


Egg-white omelette with some onions and spinach.


Greek Yogurt with fresh fruit.


Protein drink supplement with some fresh fruit blended in (throw in some ice for a frozen treat).
It’s not just about eating less it the planning ahead that is the biggest benefit.  Planning to succeed, instead of planning to fail.  Prepping, planning and enjoying.  Having a plan is not about being miserable it is about setting realistic expectations and meeting them.
Before you relax, take a look at some suggestions to help get your heart going.  


Happy Celebrations!




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