Blowing up your workout

This week we are talking about getting the most out of your strength training. When you workout your muscles are constantly shortening and lengthening. It is the resistance when using weights and pushing these muscles to their limits that builds strength.



The lenghtening and shortening of these muscles is called concentric and eccentric contractions. Concentric is when you draw the muscles in and tight. Think of a bodybuilder doing a curl with a weight as they draw their arm closer to their shoulder. This is building the muscle on top. Often, we see bodybuilders, then reset their arm back at full length, then draw it back in slowly to stress the muscle. But in the release and control of that weight, you are actually losing some of the benefit of the workout. The release is called eccentric (E-syntric). You use other muscles to control and release the weight that could contribute to a more efficient workout.

In my workout posted, I have provided several exercises to help you realize the potential of a concentric and eccentric workout.


How do you get motivated for a workout? Getting your mindset ready for workout can result in a more powerful workout where you continue to push yourself. My favorite way to prep for a workout is to dial up some of my favorite songs. I try to put my favorite “overdrive” song a bit later in the list so that when I am hitting my down slope, it helps me pickup and push through. Music can be an amazing motivator.

I am just barely old enough to remember mix tapes. So much time was spent finding the perfect song to reflect or turn up the radio and drop the windows and play it at full volume.

Doing a bit of a dance step or adding kicks to your workout will help you staying focused and interested in your workout.  What a great way to add power to your workout and push you further than a twirl here or a hop and skip there?

Put your headphones on, turn up the volume and get motivated!



Here is a sample of my workout playlist:

Or you can go straight to spotify and add it to your account.


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