Your weight does not define you. Your weight is simply WHERE you are.

A client sent me a text this week of her standing on her scale showing me her weight with the comment, “This is where I am.” Her words struck me and I quickly responded to her that yes, that is where she is but not who she is. Friends, we are so much more than a number on a scale. Its important for us to remember that we are strong, intelligent and amazing women!

What if the best day you ever had set the the pace for the rest of your life. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Our lives are filled with highs and low, and they all help make us who we are. We can decide to make these experiences to be building blocks to change.

I am not the person I was when I was 21, none of us are. We all change and grow. So many of my clients can only see where they are right now. There is light at the end of the tunnel. We can complain about the 10 things in our lives that bother us or we can do something about it. Fitness, lifestyle or other, this mental exercise is for you. Hopefully, it will put you in the proper mindset to face the upcoming days.

First, I want you to write down WHERE you are. I’m not asking if you are in your car or the grocery store. Instead, where are you as far as your career, in your fitness and in other areas of your life. Remember, WHERE we are and WHO we are are two different things.

Second, take a minute to write down WHO you are? What would your friends say about you? Are you strong, smart and/or resilient? Take a few minutes and just think about the things you have done in the last week. Did you get to have lunch with the friend you haven’t seen in awhile? Would you recognize yourself if you bumped into yourself when you were 21?

Third, write down WHERE you have been. What has happened in your past? What are your experiences good or bad. Did you live in an abusive situation or did you have a loving home? Have you experienced deaths to those closely related to you? We all have a past, and it has helped define who we are. But it doesn’t have to be set in stone, this is your life, you can make it what you want.

Finally, WHERE do we want to go? We have so much power over our journey moving forward. We get to have so much control over how our lives go from here. We can make some new goals and decide how we are going to meet them. A quote from the author Lewis Howes is “​Do one thing everyday to make your body stronger and healthier.”  This thought process can carry over to all of the other parts of your life too, not just fitness!

Changing is not an overnight process.  Nothing can be changed overnight. Long-term goals can seem impossible. Start with small goals that will help you celebrate success. To help with this, we have created the 28 day Rocking Body challenge. It is an inclusive program where you can work with a personal trainer, or as a group to set diet, workout and strength goals.

​I am here to help with your fitness goals. I have assembled a team of movers and shakers at The Pink Physique.

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