How to Cut Carbs & Sugar for Weight Loss.

I had an immense love of carbohydrates in my younger years.  Eventually, all of those carbs caught up with me and I started gaining weight and got a little squishy.  I was feeling bad in general.  I reached the point of desperation and decided to get started in fitness competitions but didn’t reach my goal until I started working with a coach where I learned how to balance my diet.


Cutting carbohydrates completely will lead to:

  • feeling bad
  • lack of energy
  • slower metabolism

What to cut?

  • candy
  • bread
  • chips
  • processed foods

What carbs can we keep?

  • white potatoes
  • yams
  • lentils
  • fruit
  • plain oatmeal

A good plan is to have a carb, protein, and healthy fat at each meal but the best time to eat carbs is in the morning and before your workouts.   Have fewer carbs before bed because you don’t need the energy carbohydrates give you to sleep.

Hopefully, I’ve given a few tips to help you decrease those fast acting carbs and begin getting good carbs throughout the day along with protein.

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