Anti-Aging: The 3 Biggest Mistakes Women Make

I wake up tired.  Did I even sleep last night?  I go through the day with no energy.  Starbucks and Monster drinks to the rescue.  I have to have something to get me through the day.  Then I get home and all I want to do is veg out. I am worn out, stressed out, and overall I am no fun to be around.  My skin and saggy eyes tell the story.  I am just not happy.  Is this you?  This is how my good friend Erin Nielsen felt before she discovered the 3 BIG mistakes she was making that were aging her and making her tired all the time.

photo-10Erin is a pretty special lady.  I wasn’t sure about her the first time we met.  She seemed so dang happy all the time.  You know – the perfect girl that has it all together.   Frankly I was annoyed at how together she had it.  I thought she can’t really be this beautiful, sweet, and happy all the time.  Can she?  If so, how does she do it?  Then she told me her age and I was really annoyed.  How can she be 41 and look 21?  How can a 41 year old have baby skin with NO WRINKLES???  Now this girl is really too good to be true.

Then I got to know Erin and I learned that she really is that happy.  And she really is 41 years young with baby skin.  More importantly, she is down to earth and wants nothing more than to help others.

After talking with her I found out how she did it.  She discovered some tricks that have helped her look younger and have increased her happiness ten fold.  Tricks that have given her more life balance.  Once she started using these tricks her skin began to look tighter & brighter, her energy went up, and her happiness level skyrocketed.  I have started incorporating some of her simple tips and immediately my happiness level jumped up.  One of my favorites is GRATITUDE.  Erin and I discuss it and the others in our recent online interview.

Watch my interview with Anti-Aging Expert Erin Nielsen on the 3 Biggest Mistakes Women Make that Age Us.

Here is the link to Erin’s Toned in Ten program:

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