Hate Exercise? 5 Ways to Make it Fun!

Exercise can feel like a daunting task sometimes, can’t it? Do you dread exercise? Some of us fear walking into the door of a gym because we aren’t sure what we are going to see. Maybe we are afraid of how we compare to the people inside. A lot of us are certainly confused about what to do with all of the equipment that is contained in the walls of the gym. It can all be overwhelming and take an enormous amount of courage to walk into a gym and get through a workout.

Is exercise something that you hate and avoid it when possible?   It doesn’t have to be.  I’m sharing my 5 Ways to Make it Fun!



Begin by setting goals for every workout.  We often set one big goal to reach and getting there can seem overwhelming and impossible some days.  It’s certainly okay to have that bigger goal (that is why we start this journey anyway) but we need to celebrate running further than we did the day before, too, even if it doesn’t equate to the half marathon you are working towards.  Celebrating the small victories every day is what gives us the motivation and encouragement to reach the bigger goal in the end.

Make working out social.  Doing a workout with a friend is easier to get through because you have encouragement.  Don’t have a friend to workout with?  There are ladies at The Pink Physique are friendly and many of them talk to one another and care to see what progress you have made.  Many of my clients find joy in encouraging other ladies.  Or, you could join a facebook group like The Pink Physiques-Women’s Health and Fitness group I created so that ladies have a place to go to get support and encouragement and basically have some fun.  This is a private group, however, so you’ll have to ask permission to join.  We want to make sure the integrity and purpose of the group remain intact.  There is also a group for existing Pink Physique clients called Club Pink – For Pink Physique Clients.  Be sure to check those out.

Celebrate every result and accomplishment. Just like setting a goal for every workout, you should celebrate the small results.  Are you beginning to see definition in your arms or abs?  Celebrate!  Did you actually get up and make it to your workout today?  Celebrate!  Be proud of yourself for the small stuff.

Another way to make your workout more fun is to workout with a coach.  This will allow you to focus on your workout and not the clock.  A coach will give you an extra dose of motivation and intensity.  Having a coach may also help you feel less defeated and makes exercise more fun and gives you more confidence that you are doing things the correct way.

Last add variety to your workout.  Change it up!  Challenge your body with different exercises to stimulate the brain.  Change your tunes!  Save the silence for a meditation class. Workouts are meant to be energetic! Create a perfect playlist with upbeat music and then pump the tunes to get better results and have more fun doing it.  Go outside!  Every workout doesn’t have to be done indoors.  Go for a walk at your local park or a bike ride through the neighborhood.  Breathe in the fresh air and take in the scenery.

Now that you have a few ideas on how to make working out more fun, which one (or more) are you going to choose?

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