How to Read a Nutrition Level + My Weight Loss Tips

There are common misconceptions when it comes to food.  One misconception is that the front of the box provides us with useful information.  Manufacturers flood the front of the package with the things they want us to see.  Words like high fiber and protein usually written bold or large lettering lead us to believe that the foods contained inside those packages are healthy for us.

Another misconception is that the calories are the most important thing to look for on the label. We like to count calories but there are things in that nutrition label that will give us much more useful information.

Finally, people often feel like there is more protein in foods than there really is.  But if you look at the nutrition label, then you can always find the truth!  If your current goal is weight loss then I want you to pay attention to the big 3 things on every food label.  By looking at these 3 things you can quadruple your weight loss results!

At The Pink Physique, we have a saying about exercise.  If you want to get it tight, you’ve got to do it right. The same can be said about fat loss, if you want to get it tight, you must eat right!  Looking at the right things on the food label is a good start to getting on the right track.

The three things that I find most important on any food label is the total fat grams, total carbohydrate grams and protein grams.

Fats are calorie-dense, so you should try to choose foods that are lower in fat, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Although there are misconceptions that injections can be harmful, some women depend on those for normal hormonal count.

Total carbohydrates include everything from whole grains to sugar and other refined carbs. Typically, a nutrition panel will break down the carbohydrate total, detailing how much fiber and sugar is included in the total number.

Proteins burn slowly and are essential for building tissue and muscle. Look at the number of protein grams in each serving and the percentage of daily protein it provides.

I recommend eating equal parts carbohydrates and protein and some healthy fat in each meal.

Go forth friends, into the local super market and pay less attention to the front of packages and more to the actual food label and start to see your body changing in a positive way.  Of course, you should add a little exercise in your day to see the biggest results.   Feel confident in yourself having knowledge about how to read nutrition labels.

Happy reading!


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