Quick Low-Carb Before Bed Snack

Raise your hand if you get the after dinner munchies sometimes.  I must confess that my hand is raised at the moment.  I like to have a before bed snack occasionally and I find it important to make sure it is packed with protein and light on the carbs.

Why light on carbs?  Although it is important to have a balanced diet of carbs, protein and a bit of healthy fat, it has been said throughout the fitness world that carbohydrates close to bedtime may predispose you to a thicker waistline.

One of my tried and true before bed snacks that I like to make for myself is scrambled eggs and salsa. I scramble 3 eggs (minus 2 of the yolks so that it still looks like the scrambled eggs we know and love but healthier). Then I add salsa on top and enjoy. It is a simple dish with lots of flavors and a perfect before bed snack.

What is your favorite before bed snack?  Please leave comments below.


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