It’s a Spectacular Transformation

Body Transformations are not just “body” transformations.  They’re mind, body, & life transformations.   Our client spotlight with Diana Massey proves how transforming they can be.

Diana came to The Pink Physique frustrated. She says she was  “tired of having to get bigger clothes and seeing old picture’s knowing what I used to look like.” She was unhappy anytime she was around smaller people.  And she dreaded going shopping.

That frustration and unhappiness led her to our doors at The Pink Physique.  And we are so glad to have her as not only a client but now a coach on our team.

Diana went from a size medium/large shirt to an x-small.  Even more important she began to increase her confidence.  She became stronger and began to see muscle tone.

I noticed something different about Diana when I was training her. She was a hard worker but even more impressive was her overwhelming desire to encourage the other ladies training with her.  She was a true Pink Physique Ambassador as a client.  Her attitude was always positive and uplifting.

I continued to observe and train her.  She continued to work hard and progress toward her goals.  A few months into her training program, I had a new personal training assistant program starting and I asked if she would be interested in learning to be a coach/trainer.  She was excited to learn about the program and very interested.  Typically 1 in 3 assistants in our program progress to become a trainer.  Even though she wasn’t sure about her abilities to become a trainer, I knew she had what it takes.  I knew she would be the most likely to make it through the program and become a Pink Physique Coach.

Diana says when she came into the gym “it felt like family”.  She had built in people, team members, and other members to celebrate her victories with her no matter how small.  She had found the support she needed to make it through her journey.  With this support, she was able to do things she didn’t know she was capable.

We are so excited about her body transformation but even more excited about her life transformation.  It has been fun to watch her continue to grow and progress as a client and a coach.

Diana says “without The Pink Physique I would still be where I was when I started (frustrated and unhappy with her size & fitness) but possibly be bigger and that is a scary thought.”

Diana is proud of herself and has every right to be.  She isn’t done with her journey.  And we are so proud of her!

Congratulations to Diana Massey on her total LIFE transformation and the work that she is doing now uplifting and changing the lives of others!

If you are ready to change your body, mindset and LIFE  join us at The Pink Physique located at 6255 Zebulon Rd, Macon, GA 31210.  Call us at (478) 254-3220 to see how you can get started!

Happy lifting,


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