Does Joint Pain Make You Afraid to Exercise?

Hey Everyone!

I get a lot of people who think that in order to get the most fit, you have to do grueling exercise that can be hard on the body. Not at all true!

Not everyone can get out there and do hardcore exercise. For some of us, I know that joint pain, flexibility, and medical issues can impede the journey to an amazing booty! But the journey doesn’t have to be so difficult!

In my last video, we were having a blast at the beach, but in this one, I’m giving you some easy stretches and good muscle work that isn’t just kind to your joints, but helps to prepare you for some amazing growth and transformation! Every body can exercise! ;D Just please remember to listen to your body. Pain (not the burn from a good workout, but actual pain) should always be a sign to stop, and to reassess!


Happy Lifting!


PS: Remember to be kind to yourself, and each other.

Confidence Call:
There is nothing more rare or beautiful than a woman being unapologetically herself.
Steve Maraboli

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6 Comments on "Does Joint Pain Make You Afraid to Exercise?"

  1. Dominga M Leslie | December 16, 2016 at 2:55 am | Reply

    Thank Ali for these quick but effective booty work out , enjoyed foing them .

  2. Hi Alli, i’m Anna. I absolutely love your exercises! Just wondering, do u have any specific ideas or stretches or exercises for bow leggedness? To either prevent or help people with this condition? I thought it was just weak hip flexors but i recently learned it can also be because of high arches on the feet. So! Any ideas that might help??

    • Hi Anna – Depending on how long you have had the condition and the severity will depend on what can be done to help. Using exercise bands for ankle strengthening and leg rotation with resistance is definitely a way to hit this area. If high arches are an issue that would have to be addressed. I am sure you have looked into foot support. It is amazing how much the feet affect the whole body. Side lying leg exercises would be a good way to work the hips and legs without stressing your joints. You could actually do a lot of the floor exercises in my 14 Day Perfect Booty Program which would strengthen the hips and legs. Hope that helps! Great for you for continuing to find new stretches and exercises!!!

  3. Hi Ali from Nerang Queensland Australia.
    Yes you are sharing some quality info which I like to see, especially if it’s quality plus safe & effective & beneficial for all round wellness. I am always looking & searching for quality stuff that enhances what I passionately do & share as a massage injury therapist, wellness & life coach, bodyflow dynamic PT & former PE teacher.
    Kind regards from Grant who has been involved in the fitness industry for over 40yrs, but still ripped & toned with 6 pack+ abs at 64. My motto is to flow like a beautiful river that’s not in flood & move like animals in nature with grace balance power & harmony. The majority of my clients are woman & men who enjoy the combo of flexibility, mobility, core strength, endurance & cardio all in the same package without the crazy harsh impact type activities.

    • Thank you Grant! And so great that you are taking such good care of yourself and others. You are definitely leading by example. Keep it up 🙂

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