Santa Gets Weight Loss Advice!!!

Hey Y’all!

It’s the Holiday Season now, and I’ve had the pleasure of having a consult with Santa Clause himself! He revealed some pretty troubling concerns to me, and I made sure that he knew the gravity of the situation — and how he could improve! I even included the reindeer too, and I really hope he takes my advice!

I know the Holidays can be the absolute worst for maintaining clean eating habits — all of that yummy comfort food and all of the commercialization! But the best way to go about it is to remember why you started! You can permit yourself a small cheat day as long as you keep it reasonable (don’t go overboard, and don’t make it every day!) once a week! If you don’t think there’ll be anything healthy at your family gathering, be the one who prepares something super healthy! Maybe you’ll start a trend for the next year!

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Happy lifting!!!!


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