Belly Fat is My Biggest Struggle!

Hey Y’all!


So, I heard from a lot of you that one of your biggest struggles is belly fat — that pooch just won’t leave, the rolls stick around, and the cellulite seems to cling! It can feel like an uphill battle without a sword!


Here, I’ve taken some time to break down belly fat, and how you can get to the top of that hill with two swords and a full suit of armor.



I know it seems tough, and keeping motivated can beĀ the worst! But no matter what, know that this is a fitnessĀ journey, which means taking it one step at a time, and having patience with yourself when you have missteps. You can do this.


Happy Lifting,


Confidence Call:
“Life is a dress rehearsal. All you need is a little bit of faith, and a whole lot of electrical tape!”

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