The Mental Side of Weight Loss & Fitness

In our weight loss and fitness journeys, we forget that there is much more to the battle than just the physical parts. It takes more than just considering your food intake and your exercise routine. The fact is you’ve got to get your mind right before you can get your body right.

As women, and gentlemen too, we often fill our heads with negative self-talk. I’m not fit, I’m not strong, I hate my thighs, I hate my arms, I’m sorry I didn’t lose weight this week or I’m not good enough. All of these are examples of negative self-talk.


We have to recognize that we talk to ourselves in such a way that we beat ourselves down and essentially hate ourselves. Let’s look at it this way. Would we say the things we say to ourselves to our children? No way! We have to change the conversation in our own mind.

If you believe that you can’t then you’re right. The mind is a powerful thing. Change your “I’ll try” into “I will”.

It can be extremely difficult to navigate the fitness journey on our own. That’s why it is so important to have a qualified coach to help you throughout your journey. An experienced coach at The Pink Physique will help encourage you, guide you, and help you replace the negative thoughts with positive ones.

Are you ready to face the mental journey?


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