Mindset Before Muscles

Weight loss and fitness, where do we begin?  Something as simple as a change of attitude can be your key to weight loss.  With the New Year came resolutions.  Chances are losing weight or getting fit was at the top of your list.  Everyone has to start their fitness journies somewhere, right?  Now we are into March and where are you with those resolutions?  If you haven’t started towards completing those resolutions your mindset is a great place to start.  Changing the way you think can literally melt inches off of your body.

There are several strategies to use on your journey but I would consider these three most important:

1-Change your attitude.  We constantly fill our heads with negative self-talk.  We have to change the way we talk to ourselves and the way we see ourselves.  Try to picture yourself the way you want to be in six months or a year.  Maybe have a photo of your fitter self in a place so that you will see it several times a day.  Remember the good things you did for yourself then and work towards doing them for yourself now.

2-Don’t begin your journey with goals that are unrealistic.  You will be setting yourself up for failure.  Begin your fitness journey with small attainable goals.  Maybe something as easy as drinking more water or walking around the block a couple of times a week.  Work your way up to the larger, long-term goals.

3-Get support!  Sure, you can lose weight on your own but it’s going to be more difficult without someone to hold you accountable.  I suggest getting a fitness coach to support you along the way.  They can help encourage you through workouts and give you advice when you are stuck in a rut.  If you feel you choose not to hire a coach, get support somewhere.


You deserve to be the best you.  You are worth the time and effort to get to where you want to be.  Focus on your mindset before you begin working on the muscles.  Chances are you will find your fitness journey a little bit easier.

Think positive,


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